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Hi, I’m Joshua Pinkay

Here's what you should know.

Whether I'm your host, your brand manager, your media strategist, your editor, your colleague, or your friend, I'm always 100% giving you some "notes" – ​usually because we're probably creating a story, and I'm figuring out the best ways to tell it. I've worked on countless campaigns and editorial features spanning industries like tech, beauty, fashion, food, cannabis, entertainment, entrepreneurship, non-profit, and so much more. My pleasure is finding the narrative that best suits you and your audience. 

Currently, I serve as the Branded Production Manager for Editorial & Social content at BLAVITY, Inc., and am an official community member of LatinxTravel Club™. Previously, I served as the Senior Editor for OBVIOUS Magazine and SoCal Magazine while contributing to various multi-regional outlets covering features in Music, Food, Culture, Lifestyle, and Human Interest.

Step into my world as I continue to pursue ventures as a creative entrepreneur. Trust me, there's so much more to come. Just take a look at my notes... ;)



Joshua J. Pinkay.png

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As we were curating the 2021 OBVIOUS Visionaries to Watch list, we had to ask ourselves if there was an underlying theme to consider with this year’s candidates. We quickly realized that a theme was happening before our eyes without even trying.

The submissions we received centered around people who were not only disruptors but also advocates of creating equity and leveling playing fields across varying spaces of business, society, and more. It was apparent then that that was the direction this year’s honorees were going to go in.

The 2021 Visionaries to Watch honorees show us how important it is to create fair and impartial movements across industries of all kinds because ultimately, a fair society would see a remarkable and progressive impact on the world as we know it.

These Visionaries are navigating their platforms and careers in a way that drives and motivates people to operate outside of their perspective and consider viewing the world through multiple lenses.

We’re also very excited about this year’s list because the varying industries our honorees belong to just further proof that you can make a true impact and positive changes to society no matter where you find your passion.

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When you think of the word Vision, you almost immediately associate that word with sight, the sensory power of seeing. It is something required to turn a thought into innovation. You have to have vision to be a visionary, and that doesn’t specifically mean the ability to physically see something, but rather an intention or inclination to create or make change.

At the beginning of 2020, OBVIOUS had intentions of using our vision to create new stories, highlight new outlooks, and continue offering the cutting edge content that our viewers have grown to love over the years. What started out to look like the most promising new decade very quickly turned into a dark age of disorder as the growing pandemic of COVID-19 became a global threat that altered all of our realities. Then, in the midst of the growing pandemic, the masks of American “justice” started to show themselves more clearly than ever before as an uprising from the Black Lives Matter movements called out the wrongful murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and countless others at the hands of police brutality.

Amid all of these things, one thing was certain: our Vision was clouded. There needed to be some refocusing of what really matters and what messaging Team OBVIOUS could provide to its audience that would resonate something optimistic and hopeful. It was our intention to highlight the 2020 Visionaries to Watch much earlier in the year, but we found it wise to hold that story for some time until it felt right to release. The world has now spent more than half of the year enduring the stress of these trying times, and yet we can still look towards the people making a difference as a means of inspiration. There’s no doubt that the individuals selected in this article each showcase a tenacity and touch of creativity that has shown the potential for greatness in their lives and the lives of others. It is because they’ve used their heart, their motivation, and their Vision to strive for change and create the space for new generations to learn from them. It is with great honor that OBVIOUS Magazine presents:

The 2020 Visionaries To Watch.

**Editor’s note: These interviews were conducted prior to the nation-wide stay at home orders in March 2020. Some of the interviews have since been updated with how these individuals have pivoted their businesses during these times.

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At the root of innovation, social change, and ground-breaking ideas, you have to examine the minds and thoughts of the people who are effecting a new wave of originality. Whether it be in media, politics, health, technology, or lifestyle, modern society is at the brink of seeing new and exciting advances at how we approach different parts of our lives within these categories and beyond. For our 2018 "What's Next" issue, SoCal Mag is highlighting eight individual stories of people that are creating new pathways and experiences for modern society and future generations alike. 


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